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How do you make Electronics Projects in tamil

Do you want to learn electronics, so that you can build your own gadgets?
Start with a simple project like constructing a regulated power supply circuit. The RPS circuits are plenty on the internet. So you can select one circuit that you find very simple.

If you don’t feel like making an RPS, you can browse on the internet for some simple and interesting circuits. Or you can even consult with your professor or a person who is technically strong.

After selecting the circuit, buy all the components from an electronics shop. While buying, include a bread board without fail.

After getting all the components, you have to assemble the components first in the breadboard and check for the output.

Consider whether your project will use AC power or DC power. Based on the source of power you might need to use appropriate wires. Check with your local hardware store for more information on what wires to use. This is to mainly avoid power loss during transmission of electricity.

If you don’t get the output, check out for the fault with your circuit.

If the circuit gets heated up, check whether the circuit is shorted somewhere.

After getting the out put solder the circuit components in a PCB.

Finally after getting the output put a casing on your circuit to give it a final touch.

Now your final product is ready to use.

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