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Keeley Electronics Compressor Plus

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Welcome back to ProGuitarShop and Today, we’re putting the squeeze on the Compressor Plus from Keeley Electronics. The Compressor Plus builds on Keeley’s industry-changing compression circuit and expands its features to accommodate all types of players. This new breed of compressor isn’t just for chicken pickers and Nashville studio musicians, finding its home within pedalboards of all genres. Keeley has increased the sustain of the Compressor Plus by adding an expander circuit to the back end that increases the gain proportionally with note decay for an increased note length. A new Attack/Release switch lets you specifically adapt the Compressor Plus to either single coils or humbuckers, while a handy Blend control the ratio between the dry and compressed signals. This Blend control adapts the Compressor Plus to all instruments, including hollow and semi-hollowbody guitars, letting the natural resonance come through with anything from 50/50 blend to full compression. For players who simply want more sustain without peak limiting, the Blend control is your ticket to ride, offering the sustain from the expander without sapping the dynamics from the signal. The Tone control is another new addition to the classic compression circuit, which is adapted from a recovery circuit normally found in analog delays, which restores high frequencies as the signal processed and reprocessed. And just like all Keeley’s pedals, the Compressor Plus is built one at a time by real live people right here in the USA.

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