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Modal Electronics Cobalt8X V1.2 Demo β€” Daniel Fisher

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Daniel Fisher, Sweetwater’s synth explorer, along with Jim High of Modal Electronics, show off the Modal Electronics Cobalt8X 61-key virtual analog synthesizer with true 8-voice polyphony, up to eight oscillators per voice, three effects engines, and advanced sequencing and arpeggiation that offers endless sound design potential. Its classic oscillator waveforms and a 4-pole ladder filter can conjure practically any iconic subtractive synth sound imaginable. Version 1.2 makes it even better with plug-in support for seamless integration with your favorite DAW and MPE controllers. Thirty-four advanced algorithms β€” including cross-modulation and wave morphing β€” plus 12 modulation sources and 55 modulation destinations round out the Cobalt8X, solidifying its sound design capabilities and inspiring your creations in ways comparable synths are unable to.

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0:00 – Intro
0:46 – The Essence of the 8X Line
1:06 – Tracing the Audio Path
2:31 – New Algorithms in V1.2
6:48 – Patches Featuring New Algorithms
9:17– Impromptu Jam with Daniel Fisher and Jim High on the Cobalt8X
13:06 – Thanks for Watching!

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