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Resealing Electronics Parts (MSL bags) for trays & reels

Have you ever wanted to reseal your electronics parts? It’s pretty easy to do it, some required tools:
– Impulse Sealer (16″ is perfect length – mine was KF-400H)
– MSL bags (start with Digikey SCP340-ND, SCP602-ND (large trays), SCP342-ND (fits large reel))
– Dessicant (1PLDES300 was bucket in video, Digikey SCP436-ND)
– MSL card (51060HIC125 was can in video, Digikey SCP306-ND)
– Rubber bands (BE5114)
You may want “3M ESD tape” as well. Digikey is an easy source of all above, but you can find it at other suppliers as well.

0:55 Impulse Sealer
1:20 MSL bags
1:47 desiccant
2:05 humidity indicator card
2:48 cutting open a bag
3:50 opening the tray
5:15 rubber bands
7:00 vacuum pump (not needed normally, just a demo)
7:30 resealing

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