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Encapsulation and Potting Electronics with Silicone Solutions

Electronic devices are progressively present in our lives, from transportation to portable digital tools, through wise lighting systems and also electrical grids. These modern technologies all utilize a vast range of parts– sensing units, actuators, central processing devices (CPUs), printed circuit boards (PCB), and so on– that demand to be shielded versus environmental elements such as dust as well as wetness, in addition to liquids and heat as well as fire direct exposure. Silicones are the materials of choice for potting as well as encapsulating sensitive elements, as they are the most effective first-line of defense versus outside hostility.

Elkem Silicones gives a wide variety of solutions for shielding digital components:

Potting using Bluesil ™ ( RTV-2 (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) gels as well as paste for solar components, joint boxes, power electronics, IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors), sensors, CPUs, and so on.

Encapsulation CAF ™ ( RTV-1 and Bluesil ™ ( RTV-2 products for different parts on PCBs.

These applications all offer high efficiency and also security in regards to electrical insulation, temperature level, fire and adhesion resistance as well as resilience. Our worldwide presence as well as supply-chain solutions, and also our layout and procedure experts are available to aid you locate the silicone potting as well as encapsulation options that satisfy your requirements.

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