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Storytime – Car Audio & Electronics Nov. 1993 @The Robot Underground + $hitty cops undermine society

James Freeman:

MPD’s Officer Plott also known as El Chavala:

Spike Lee’s Bamboozled:

Carbon and glass fiber 180mm caps are just $25 each delivered for the initial one and also $20 each afterwards.
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Full bridge/ Brazilian style amps with 3yr service warranty!!! … Unlike Sundown and also Wolfram’s variations.
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I never desire to endanger my freedom of expression for payouts from Google … That implies I will certainly not monetize these videos … So, if you wish to sustain me/ us, there are various other methods to do it … And that means you get to hear me say curse words. “Just let ’em roll, motherfuckin’ shit, god damn asshole.”.

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I don’t run a service, NOR AM I PROFESSIONAL.
TCOZ is our church, Robot Underground is the outreach program for that church.

Hyperlinks to stuff:.
OG web page:

Google page: lKORV.


Bear in mind that the large banks profane and will certainly attempt and steer you away from the goodness, cost cost-free network of Square’s Cash App.

( Evil financial institutions: Angry Bank as seen in, “How To Make A Movie The Movie dot com”, and also of training course the common suspects, Bank of America, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo. Appears Like United States Bank is also on the bad crew).

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