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Hologram Electronics Dream Sequence

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Next off, we’re experiencing the Dream Sequence, from Hologram Electronics. The Dream Sequence is a multi-faceted sound workstation, incorporating octaves, tasting, arpeggiating and sequencing. At its core, the Dream Sequence puts gamers in the cockpit of an incredibly powerful polyphonic octave generator that tracks intricate chords cleanly. Customers can then choose among several sequencing collection of upper octaves, lower octaves and root notes or make their own, and program them to their hearts’ material. The series of footswitches and also rotating buttons envelop the users in some wild octave sequencing patterns with some tremolo and also envelope shaping tossed in forever procedure. As soon as loading any of the 24-onboard patterns or 11 user patterns, gamers have full control over the waveform modulation, along with its tempo, wet-dry mix and also an all-analog overdrive circuit at the end of the signal path. Utilizing the Hold footswitch, players can example the arpeggio as well as hold it forever while playing on top of it. Players can even tape knob motions by transforming the handle while holding the Tap switch, which are after that around the world managed by the tempo– either using faucet pace with a number of neighborhoods or a dedicated handle. An expression jack enables for hands-free control of any handle of the system singularly or all at once, and complete MIDI implementation offers players deep outside modifying. Each Dream Sequence is dreamed up and constructed by hand in Tennessee, USA.

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