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DSM Humboldt Electronics Simplifier Deluxe

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The DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX is the natural progression of the original Simplifier — many weekend and worship guitarists’ favorite “zero-watt” analog amplifier. This pedalboard-sized stereo analog preamp and cab sim is every bit as versatile as having two fully independent amps at your feet. Dual independent signal paths allow you to meticulously dial in clean and dirty channels or, alternatively, run two wildly different tones in parallel to create elaborate wet/dry direct rigs. As with the original, each channel of the Simplifier DLX is driven by a triad of essential amp British and American amp tones. Only now, a 3-way Mode switch (Clean/Crunch/Lead) allows you to really slather on the saturation or dial up the dynamics in a hurry.

0:00 – Introduction
0:49 – DSM Simplifier Deluxe Overview
1:57 – Pre-Amp Section
3:05 – Power Amp Simulation Section
3:31 – Cabinet and Microphone Simulation Section
3:56 – Reverb Controls
4:43 – Switches, Inputs, Outputs, and More
5:38 – Playthrough
6:24 – Power Amp, Cabinet, and Microphone Settings
7:15 – Dialing Around in Lead Mode
8:58 – Dialing Around in American Clean
10:42 – Crunch Channel on AC Brit
12:00 – Stereo Field and Ping-Pong Delay
13:00 – Wrap-Up and Final Playthrough

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