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How Bruno Mars Uses Electronic Drums (Eric E-Panda Hernandez)

Eric E-Panda Hernandez is the drummer of all of Bruno Mars live shows. And like many live shows of this caliber, electronic drums feature heavily in his setup. We’ll track his setups from 2011 through roughly 2020 to see how that aspect of his kit has evolved.

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Roland PDX8 Snare/Tom:

Roland KT10 Pedal:

Roland BT1 Bar Trigger:

Roland TD50:

Roland PD108 Side Snare:


Drum Cam:

2012 Interview:

2013 Kit:
SNL Setup:

Moonshine Jungle Tour:

2014 Interview:

Interview with Eric ‘E-Panda’ Hernandez – Bruno Mars

2017 Kit:
24k Magic Tour Practice Setup:

24k Magic Tour Official Drum Tech Walk Through:

24k Magic Tour Eric Interview & Walk Through:

2021 Interview:

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