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Vintage Commercials 1987 Electronics Computers TV

Technically, this order is the wiz: 1. Casio Keyboard (Crazy Edy) 2. Sega Master System (Crazy Edy)
3. NEC Portable Computer (Laptop)
4. Computer Desktop System 320k (Railroad Stores)
5. Sound Playground ad examples
6. Rent-a-Center Appliances
7. Epson Printers
8. Energy Efficiency
9. Zenith Television
10. Stereo Zenith Television
11. Broyhill Furnature
12. Kitchen Cabinets (Railroad Stores)
13. 1010 WINS RADIO

I found it amusing while looking at the furnature in these showcases that they look old, even though its brand new when filmed. I can say the same for the kitchen cabinets.

Hope you like these.

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