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SMPS Switching switch Mode Power Supply repair Basics & Troubleshooting Haseeb Electronics

CORRECTION AT AT AROUND 04:30 i said THYRESTOR, that is actually thermistor or NTC negative temperature coefficient resistor
i have explained the basic function of switching mode power supply using different types of smps switch mode power supplies. smps concept and troubleshooting repairing or understanding repair switching mode power supply basics and working principle

SAMSUNG BN44-0029a-00438 circuit diagram

1 basic working concept of smps switch mode power supply
2. how PWM pulse width modulator work
3. block diagram of #smps switch mode power supply
4. practical circuit tracing of #smps
5 how to repair mobile charger
6 how to repair power supply of digital satellite receiver
7. how to repair led lcd tv power supplies
8. different faults in stages of smps
9. what is filter and protection circuit in SMPS
10 what is bridge rectifier circuit and how bridge rectifier circuit work
11 what is PWM pulse width modulator circuit and how to check it
12 function of FET, MOSFET, BJT, IGBT or switching modules
13 what is optocoupler or opto-isolator and what is its function in #feedback circuit
14 what is voltage regulation and how it workks in SMPS
15 how to find problem if switch mode power supply have no output
16 what is problem when power supply have fluctuation and output is not regulated
17 current sense in smps
18 short circuit protection
19 how to test troubleshoot and repair smps switch mode power supply and easy test points in fault finding
and much more

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