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Electronics Workbench – How to build electrical panel for your electronics laboratory’s workbench

This video tutorial shows how to build and organize the electrical part of an electronics workbench for your electronics laboratory. It’s very useful and confortable for most electronics applications like projecting, testing, measurements and electronics boards realization.
The electronics workbench consists of an electric panel with protected sockets and different voltage outputs, in order to make the work to electronics circuits very easy and confortable.
The electric panel consists of 3 surface mounting distribution boards (gewiss), the size of each one is 12 slots. The first one on the left is equipped by a circuit breaker (which protects everything from short circuits, overloads and current leakages); 3 switches that pilot 2 transformers + 2 power supplies located in the junction box on the left; and a kill switch. If it’s pressed, it simulates a current leakage that make the circuit breaker turn off.
The second one is equipped by 4 schuko sockets, whereas in the third one you can find the outputs of the transformers/power supplies, like the 230V insulated socket, the 12/24V alternating current outputs and the 5V/12V direct current outputs.

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