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These Tiny Electronics Will be a Game Changer for Model Car to RC Conversions

New year new build! What better way to get some experience with some new tiny RC electronics, and our new FC-01 front suspension assembly than to build an ultra realistic 1/24 scale 1965 Shelby GT350. In this video I’ll be introducing my latest RC project, and talking about how these 1/87 scale electronics will be ideal for ultra realistic model car to RC conversions. If you’re interested in doing a similar build, be sure to check out this page on our Patreon: More updates on this project to come. 👍

For convenience, I went ahead and listed each component I’m using for this build so far here:

Intro: 00:00 – 01:53
The Project: 01:54 – 03:29
The Plan: 03:30 – 04:56
The Electronics: 04:57 – 08:48
Final Thoughts: 08:49

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