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BLAMMO! Electronics – Blues Blaster
The BLAMMO! Electronics Blues Blaster is a modern take on the ‘91 Bluesbreaker pedal which as you know, reflects the creamy, dynamic tube amp tones heard on John Mayall’s classic album from the late 60s. The beauty of this once underrated and now coveted overdrive is its ability to blend seamlessly with any amp by using soft-clipping and a fairly neutral midrange curve when compared to a screamer-style drive. The stock mode preserves all the low-gain, dirty boost characteristics not to mention the ability to tighten your amp’s low-end. But with a press of the stealthy MOD switch, you’ll blast smooth jazz/sob rockers into Shredmaster territory with a gamut of high-gain offerings brought on by silicon diodes. The gain stage in this hard clipping distortion mode has been been carefully tuned to preserve a high output level and best of all, Blammo has added an output buffer to give the Blues Blaster a much more agreeable low output impedance for better stackability with other pedal.
Like all BLAMMO! Electronics designs, the high quality guts of the Blues Blaster are meticulously assembled into a compact pedalboard-friendly enclosure with improved power filtering, reverse polarity protection and soft-click true bypass switching. Check out these handmade pedals from Portland, OR at

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