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Unknown air defense and electronic warfare systems drove American planes out of Donbass

Unknown air protection as well as electronic warfare systems drove American aircrafts out of Donbass
American army aircraft left the airspace under the threat of an air defense assault.

Unidentified tool as well as long-range air protection systems had the ability to successfully protect against the United States Air Force from accomplishing a provocative mission in the Donbass. This follows from the information provided by the Flightradar24 service. At the exact same time, it is alleged that American airplanes at first tried to conduct reconnaissance near the boundary with Belarus and also then advancement to the Donbass, however, the goal was all of a sudden disturbed.
In the here and now image, you can see the flight courses of United States military reconnaissance airplane. The RC-135W aircraft with the callsign “Redeye6” tried to proceed in the direction of Donbass, yet unexpectedly reversed as well as headed in the opposite instructions, quickly interrupting its flight. The second board with the telephone call sign “Jake11” performed a reconnaissance mission just near the boundaries of Belarus. At its core the Boeing E-8C Joint STARS is a target classification and combat control aircraft, its primary task is not to carry out reconnaissance goals, but to determine feasible targets.

Considering how much the American airplanes maintained from the Donbass, the last were possibly scared off by the job of digital war systems and also air defense systems, however provided the existing range, only electronic war and air defense systems of average and long range might be made use of from the Donbass, although the latter remain in solution DNR and also LNR are absent.

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