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eXtReMe iSoLaTiOn ( Low Leakage Power in Precision Electronics )

This board on PCBWay projects center
NITECORE 165AH Power Station
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The list
Split bobbin transformer
Three-way junction concentrator solar batteries
Fluke license
Keithley license
Wavetek paper

00:00 Intro
00:43 Normal transformers
02:43 Fluke 732A
04:11 Keysight 3458A
04:55 Cheap switcher
05:19 Good switcher
06:02 CERN HPM7177
06:52 UPS transformer
07:33 PCB transformer
07:48 Fluke 5700A
08:18 Qi Charger
09:18 Split bobbin transformer
10:34 Keithley 182
11:09 Keithley 617
11:21 severe seclusion
12:57 Silly? concepts
13:43 Solar cell
15:10 Battery power
15:48 Fluke license
16:27 Keithley patent
17:34 Wavetek patent
22:09 What I did
24:06 Results

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