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The History Of Electronic Drums Part 1: The First Electric Drum Sets

How did electronic drums become a ‘thing’? Did someone invent them in their basement? Did a fairy drum-mother float down from the sky to bless us all with a kit we could use for quiet home practice, out-of-the-box effects and pre-EQed studio sounds?

You used to only be able to get rhythmic drum samples by playing a keyboard or pushing buttons on a synthesizer – not by striking a surface with a drumstick. That’s where the real magic happened.

It took nearly 50 years of innovation to get to where electronic drums are today: not just an alternative to acoustic kits, but an incredible instrument in itself.

This is the first part in a four-part documentary series on the history of electronic drums, and we hate to leave you hanging. So if you want to see the rest of this documentary series, try Drumeo free for 7 days and get access to The History Of Electronic Drums, other drum videos and courses, live Q&As, song tutorials and more! Claim your free trial here:

00:00 – Introduction
01:42 – Early 20th Century Developments
02:41 – Late 1960s – Hollywood Meazzi Tronicdrum
04:14 – Behind The Tronicdrum President
05:16 – Tronicdrum Innovations
05:31 – The 1970s – The Influence Of Synths & Rock
06:35 – Pollard Syndrums
09:30 – Behind The Model 477 Pollard Syndrums
11:26 – Syndrum Innovations
12:29 – Star Instruments Synare
14:45 – Behind The Synare 3
16:09 – Synare Tympani
16:59 – Synare Innovations
17:31 – Part II Preview

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