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MPC Electronics MPC-1 Analogue Drum Machine Demo

This is a brief overview of the features and sounds of the MPC Electronics Music Percussion Computer. This is a fully Analogue Drum Machine made in Cambrige in England in 1982 by MPC Electronics featuring a four pattern internal sequencer and plenty of interfacing methods for a machine of this age. For whatever reason this machine seemed to fade almost entirely into obscurity, however if you managed to find one in fully working order it would make a fine addition to any electronic studio.

It should be noted that this machine is not 100% working, the internal battery has leaked and damaged the external sync circuits meaning that it will only work as master clock and a few of the pots are broken. Most notably the snare tune and decay pots are gone resulting in the snare being a very short burst click sound where as on a full working unit it would probably sound closer to a 909 snare.

For the cheesy little demo track at the end of this video the instruments used are as follows.

Drums – MPC-1
Latin Percussion – Roland TR-727
Electronic Piano – Roland JX-3P
Bass – Oberheim DPX-1 (with Juno-60 bass patch sample)
Harpsichord – Akai S900 (with Juno-60 patch sample)
Organ – Roland Juno-60
Sequencer – Akai ASQ10

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