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sE Electronics Dynacaster Review / Test (vs. SM7b, RE20, Ethos)

Today I review the new mic from sE Electronics, the Dynacaster. This is an extremely versatile mic that has multiple EQ switches and most importantly a built in dynamite mic activator / preamp. As far as a general purpose studio microphone, this thing is very appealing.

HQ Audio Of Review:

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00:00 – Intro / Price / Disclaimer
00:18 – Setup
00:45 – What’s in the Box
01:14 – Build Quality
02:17 – Specifications
02:42 – Polar Pattern Test (Tone / Rotation)
03:02 – Plosive Test
03:17 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test
03:39 – Background Noise Test
04:01 – Untreated Room Test
04:22 – Shock Rejection Test
05:47 – EQ Switch Demo
04:43 – Mic Resonance Tap Test
04:58 – Foam Windscreen Test
05:47 – EQ Switch Demo
07:01 – Internal Mic Activator Test
07:34 – Intro to Comparison
08:10 – Behringer XM8500 Comparison
08:32 – Shure SM58 Comparison
08:54 – sE Electronics V7 Comparison
09:19 – Rode Procaster Comparison
09:46 – Electro Voice RE320 Comparison
10:10 – Shure SM7b Comparison
10:48 – Electro Voice RE20 Comparison
11:12 – Earthworks Ethos Comparison
11:40 – Sennheiser MD441 U Comparison
12:23 – Neumann U87 Ai Comparison
12:52 – Music Test
14:25 – Pros & Cons
16:13 – Overall Thoughts
19:57 – Recommendation
20:31 – Outro

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