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Electronics giant stopped supply to Russia

Jonney Shih, Chairman of the Board of Asus, a Taiwan-based computer and hardware company, announced that they, as Asus, stopped supplying products to Russia.

Jonney Shih, Chairman of the Board of Asus, Taiwan’s largest laptop manufacturer and computer and hardware company, answered questions from members of the press in Taiwan yesterday. Answering the question of whether electronic products and services sent to the Russian market will be stopped or not, directed to him and ASUS for a while, Shih said, “As Asus company, we stopped supplying products to Russia.” Shih, who left unanswered the questions asked by journalists about the market share in the Russian market and the effects of the Ukraine war on the company, only repeated that they did not send products to Russia for the time being.

An updated report on the activity status of companies in the Russian market has been published by The Yale School of Management in the USA. In the published report, it was determined that “Activities continue” (Digging in) for Asus company. In the statement made by The Yale School of Management regarding the meaning of “Digging in”, it was stated that “Russia wants to stop the intervention of Russia in Ukraine, but does not actually suspend its activities in the Russian market”. In addition, this report analyzes the activities of companies in the Russian market with 5 different scales. Among these activity analyzes, there are definitions of “Withdrawn from the market”, “Operations stopped”, “In case of scaling back”, “Gaining time”, “Operations continue”.

At the beginning of March, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov made a statement on his social media account and demanded Shih to withdraw from the Russian market as Asus company. Federov said, “The Russians do not have the humane values ​​to use your wonderful technology. Your products should be used for peace, not war.”

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