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R2-D2 Build Part 10 – Electronics Installation – Working Droid

In today’s R2-D2 Build Part 10, we’re installing all the electronics, batteries, wiring, LED eye candy and performing functional testing. R2 is alive!

Question is, will the magic smoke be released from a screw up, or did I actually get it all right?

Like every aspect of making a full size functional R2-D2, electronic component installation methods are 100% up to the builder. This is perhaps the area of a 3D printed R2D2 that gives us the most latitude for our own ideas and creativity. In short, the installation I’m showing in this video is to just give you a few basic ideas to get your own creative juices flowing.

If you did want to adopt some of the ideas I’ve shown, I’ve provided links below to the main electronic items I’ve used starting with the Gens Ace LiPo batteries.

Gens Ace 6S 5100 mAh LiPo Batteries:

Next are the main electronic components:

– Sabertooth 2×32 main drive dual motor controller:
– Good Alternative dual motor controller – Cytron Smart Drive Duo 30A:
– Syren10 dome motor controller:
– E100 24V 100W Scooter Motor:
– High Current Adjustable DC/DC Buck Converter:
– Low current adjustable buck converter:
– 24V Main Power Relay 80A:
– 24V 10A 3PDT Relay to isolate motors:
Use an AC contactor 3 pole relay if you want more than 10A.
There are also solid state 3 pole relays such as this:
– Main Power Fuse:
– Universal 6 way fuse block:
– 32 Segment Dual VU meter:
– Voltage/Amp Meter with 50A Shunt:
– Mini Voltage Meters:
– Servo Connector Set:
– Servo Wire:
– Servo & Dupont Connector Crimping Tool:
Terminal Connector Set:
– Adafruit Audio FX 16MB sound board:
– RC controlled relay switch:
– American Bass 3.5″ 80W Speakers:
– ZK-1002T 12-24VDC 100W Amplifier:

Video Chapters:
0:00 Howdy Folks
0:33 R2-D2 Batteries
3:54 Building Main Component Board
6:52 Soldering & Wiring Fun
8:21 Electronics Installed
9:26 Charge & Data Panels
11:12 He’s Alive – Testing

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How to Crimp Servo Connectors Video:

Astromech R2 Builders Club Forum:
Mr. Baddeley’s Patreon Page (source for Astromech Droid 3D print files, instructions & more):

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