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Voltage, Current and Power | Electricity 101 | Basics of Electricity and Electronics #1

Basics of Electricity and Electronics #1

In this video, we discuss the basic components of electricity like voltage, current, power, charge and energy. Understanding these basic concepts gives one an insight into working of electrical energy. The video starts with the basics about an atom and how charged particles move. The voltage or the potential difference arises between two galvanic points due to difference in charges at these two points. The concept of voltage is explained using the analogy of a water tank. The next concept is the current. Current is defined as the flow rate of charge in a unit time. Current is set up in an electrical circuit when charge flows from one point to another through a conductor. Following the current, the concept of electric power is explained. Mathematically, power is obtained as the product of voltage and current. This derivation is also presented in the video. Hope you enjoy the video. Stay calm and Keep learning

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