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Why You Need The Ts80p Smart Soldering Iron, electronics , miniware

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TS100 Soldering Iron (B2 Tip)

(DC-5525 interface power supply, 12-24V, recommended laptop power supply or 3-5s lipo battery pack, our product package does not contain power supply)


TS80P Smart Soldering Iron (Main)

(30W USB-C PD protocol power supply, need to support PD protocol output charging head or mobile power supply with USB-C to USB-C power cable, charging head or mobile power supply needs to support at least 12V 2.5A more than 30W output, Our product package does not contain power supply)

description link : $2 for 1-4 layer; free SMT assembly for PCBs
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Circuits and diagrams can be found on the blog

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ts80p smart soldering iron , electronics , miniware
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