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Pettyjohn Electronics Lift – Buffer/Boost/ EQ

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Today we’re getting a boost from the Lift, from Pettyjohn Electronics. The Lift is a studio-grade buffer and boost that works as an always-on box that elevates your tone to new heights. The core of the Lift is a discrete op-amp that’s carefully tuned for guitar and is hit with a dual-rail power supply for supreme transparancy and headroom. The action starts with the mode switch, which puts the pedal in either buffer or boost mode. Buffer mode engages an extremely musical buffer, and unlike most buffers, you can adjust this one with an input gain knob. This control elevates the pedal’s core gain level with unbelievable transparancy to give a little extra push to an otherwise dull tone. In Boost mode, the Lift unlocks up to 32 decibels of super-clean gain, propelling your tone into the stratosphere while still sounding exactly like your amp and guitar. The Lift is also equipped with Hi and Low Cut filters, which are assignable to either the Boost mode, or active even when the pedal is in bypass. These assignable filters cut their respective bands by up to six decibels per octave for a wide-ranging EQ section that wont stifle your tone in any way. And like all Pettyjohn Pedals, the Lift is made right here in Oregon, USA using the best parts money can buy.

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