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Diodes EP.21 (Tagalog Electronics)

Hi guys! This video discusses one of the basic devices used in electronics which is diode. Diodes basically can be used as a switch as they allow current to flow in one direction. When supplied by a voltage source in such a way that the anode is more positive than the cathode, it is forward biased and current will flow through the diode(closed switch). The required minimum supply voltage however must be 0.7V or higher as required by the threshold voltage of Silicon diode. On the other hand, when the cathode is more positive than the anode, it is reverse biased and no current will flow through the diode (open switch). I simulate series diode circuits to verify the biasing of diodes. I also compute the series resistor that will limit the flow of current through the diode as specified by the data sheets. Happy learning and enjoy watching! #electronics #engineering #tagalog

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