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Buy Chiller AC in just 14,000 RS | 100% Imported Electronic on half price | non custom products

Buy Chiller AC in just 14,000 RS | 100% Imported Electronic on half price | non-custom products

100% Imported Electronic on half price | Lahore non custom products | German & Japanese Appliances

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Business Ideas in Pakistan by Mohsin Gillani

in this market, you will find imported things which have been imported from UK CHINA DUBAI AMERICA and some other countries.
Our Respectable Businessmen PAY EACH AND VERY DUTIES AND CUSTOM then these products came to Pakistan and in our markets.

this video is also about container products that are imported and assembled from the whole world.
One more thing :
That we are just promoters. we make videos to promote unique businesses and such businesses which gives relief to our poor Pakistanis. so we never promote wrong things.

#babygarments #bornbabygarments #kidsgarments

Thanks for watching.

Business Ideas YouTube channel is managed by Mohsin Gillani. All Rights Reserved.
It is an educational channel, I will give you Knowledge about YouTube and Business Ideas in Urdu / हिंदी

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