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Low Cost Electronics From AliExpress

Low Cost Electronics From AliExpress Get 5 boards in about a week for $22!

1000PCS SMD 1206 led Super Bright Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/White/Yellow Green/Amber Orange/PINK/UV PURPLE/ICE BLUE LED Light Diode – $2.73 –

XH-M240 XH-M239 18650 Lithium Battery Capacity Tester MaH MwH Digital Discharge Electronic Load Battery Monitor Dropship – $3.22 –

USB Alligator Clips Crocodile wire Male/female to USB Adapter Cable Connector Power Supply Adapter Wire 60cm – $0.27 –

1/2/3/4Slots 18650 Battery Battery Holder Plastic Battery Case Storage Box For 4*3.7V 18650 Lithium Battery – $0.14 –

New 16MM 20MM 1.5-3W Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger Atomizer Transducer Atomizer Film Humidifier Rubber Gasket – $1.00 –

New 50KV High Voltage Generator Square Pulse High Voltage Module Power Supply for Electrical Tool – $1.39 –

DC 5V-48V Waterproof Mini LED Panel Digital Volt Voltage Meter Display Voltmeter 12V 24V 36V FOR Car Motorcycle – $1.79 –

WS2812 5×5 Bit 5050 Digital Flexible LED Programmed Panel Screen Individually Addressable Full Color LED Development Board – $1.88 – – $1.84 –

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Gear I use:
DMM: Owon B33+ –
Power Supply: Matrix 3206 –
Portable O’scope: YEAPOOK ADS1013D –
Bench O’Scope:Hantek DSO2D15
Soldering Station – KSGER T12 –
Multimeter leads: Probemaster –

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