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BEGINNER ELECTRONICS 2021 ADVICE – What I recommend and why

If you are a beginner to electronics or robotics
Welcome, you have come to the right place.
Your journey to begin understanding electronics and robotics begins here, now.

But seriously check out my newer videos…😁

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Get the books I use here:
πŸ“—AVR Programming: Learning to Write Software for Hardware
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

πŸ“—Encyclopedia of Electronic Components
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

Grab a Basic Electronics Kit
πŸ“¦ Amazon US:

Topics to be covered in upcoming videos include:
βœ” Breadboards
βœ” Soldering
βœ” Arduino in AVR C language
βœ” AVR chips in AVR C language
βœ” Code for beginners
βœ” Prototyping
βœ” Servos
βœ” Revving up DC Motors with Pulse Width Modulation
βœ” Glowing and blinking LEDs
βœ” RC Transmission
βœ” Stepper Motors
βœ” Korean Cooking
βœ” Pushbuttons and Joysticks
βœ” Serial communications with a PC and other peripherals and sensors
βœ” Python programs that interact with chips programmed in AVR C
βœ” Everything

I share how you can start your journey as a beginner in electronics in 2019 through learning one of the most valuable hobbies, skills, even careers out there.

The world is evolving into a full on technological nightmare so why not give yourself an ADVANTAGE and become one of the most POWERFUL people on the planet. I give you an amateur’s perspective on how to get start with building robots, electronics and programming machines. It is an exciting time and you CAN do it. If I can, anyone can.

So get EXCITED! More videos to come in the near future with higher quality. Just wanted to get this out, as I mention in the video the #1 rule to learn electronics and robotics or even programming is to START. You will learn that it is a process of refinement over TIME. Subscribe for more!


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