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Small Switch Mode Power Supply Repair Guide – Consumer Electronics SMPS How To Fix

LER # 247 Let’s take a look at the button mode power supplies discovered in many customer electronic tools, DVD gamers, Stereos, Radios and so on. Discover just how to identify and also fix these circuits

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:59 Initial Tests
00:03:02 SAFETY FIRST !!
00:08:31 Reverse Engineering the Circuit
00:21:48 Understanding the Circuit
00:29:14 How It Works
00:38:41 Let’s Fix It
00:43:33 Epilogue

at 26:06 This is NOT Chassis ground! This is warm ground, which is our reference factor for determining voltages on the high voltage side of the power supply. Do NOT link on your own or any based tools to this factor!

at 31:12 The reason for the 100 ohm resistor is not to work as a voltage divider in series with the 1M resistor as I discussed in the video clip– it is actually to limit the existing flowing via the Zener diode which would or else be damaged

at 36:23 If this capacitor is malfunctioning it can trigger a whole series of mistake symptoms – as mentioned in the video: The faults consist of …
Failing to begin
Once after that closing down until you separate keys power and also attempt again, beginning
Continual pulsing/chirping
Starts after numerous seconds/minutes
When cold/hot etc, just Starts
. Unsteady outcome voltages.

Other common mistakes not pointed out in the video consist of.
Short circuit bridge rectifier diode( s).
Blown Fuse.
Short Circuit or malfunctioning PWM Chip.
Open Circuit Transformer Primary Winding.
Shorted turns on the Transformer.

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