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Top 2 Simple Electronics Projects

Top 2 Simple Electronics Projects

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Components List 1πŸ‘‡

#1# 100e resistor Γ—2
#2# 220e resistor Γ—2
#3# 5mm red led Γ—8
#4# 5mm green led Γ—8
#5# 5mm blue led Γ—8
#6# pcb Γ—1
#7# rgb led strip controller Γ—1

Circuit Diagram Link πŸ‘‡

Components List 2 πŸ‘‡

#1# 56k resistor Γ—2
#2# 47uf 25v capacitor Γ—2
#3# bc547 transistor Γ—2
#4# 5mm red led Γ—4
#5# 5mm green led Γ—4
#6# 5mm blue led Γ—4
#7# 5mm yellow led Γ—4

Circuit Diagram Link πŸ‘‡

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