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Keeley Electronics Halo – Andy Timmons Dual Echo

Guitar and Synthesizer demo of Halo Dual Echo, the new Andy Timmons signature pedal made together with Keeley Electronics.

The Halo sees Keeley join forces with guitar legend Andy Timmons to create and capture his signature enigmatic delay sound. It features 5 different true stereo delay modes, modulation, saturation and filters, which let you shape everything from pristine multi-tap delays, Atmospheric analog echoes and distorted tape tones. On top of that you got two easily accessible A/B presets, 4 preset banks, tap tempo and infinite hold, making this one heck of a powerful little box of echoes.

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Gear used:
Squier J.Mascis Jazzmaster
Arturia Micro Freak
Keeley Electronics Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo
Ditto Stereo Looper
REVV D20 with REVV112 cab
Hamstead Artist 20 + RT Combo

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