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Modal Electronics Cobalt 5S – All Playing, No Talking!

Find exclusive Modal Cobalt5S Packages at Kraft Music:

Adam Berzowski from Kraft Music tries a few of the attributes on the Modal Electronics Cobalt5S digital analog synthesizer. Contact Adam straight at 414-858-4008 or if you have any kind of questions or would certainly such as to position an order.

Desire an extra comprehensive consider the Cobalt5S? Look into our Overview!

Founded on Modal Electronics’ next-generation Cobalt synth architecture and also housed in an ultra-portable go-anywhere impact, the USB-powered Cobalt5S is made to relocate and also ready to trigger your creativity wherever as well as whenever inspiration strikes. Whether it’s a singularly genuine replication of classic analog sounds or one of the most contemporary leading-edge appearance, the Cobalt5S prolonged digital analog audio engine delivers on all matters.
Cobalt5S takes inspiration from the famous noise of its analog forebears, transcending any and also all limitations to take a leading-edge synth architecture genuinely mobile. From sultry basslines to expansive, mutating pads and almost everywhere in between, Cobalt5S is not simply modeling run-of-the-mill analog sounds– this is past analog, anywhere.

Get a lot more for your money with an unique Modal Electronics Cobalt5S 5-Voice Virtual Analog Synthesizer bundle from Kraft Music. Our educated sales advisors will certainly be satisfied to assist in picking the bundle that’s right for you!

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