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Memories of Sydney Electronics Stores & Work Experience at Tandy

Extract from the real-time program.
Memories of Tandy 50-in-1, 150-in-1, and 200-in-1 kits, and also the electronic devices stores in York road in Sydney – Tandy, Jaycar, Dick Smith, as well as David Reid’s.
And doing job experience at 14yo at the Tandy/Intertan fixing centre and head office in Mount Druitt, working with Tandy Model III as well as Model 4 disk drives. And the awesome back room at the Tandy HQ that had all type of strange stuff.
Sheridan Electronics at Redfern, Mike Sheridan and David Sheridan and also the relocation to Blacktown.
The heyday of electronic devices pastime stores.
Deal things in the Trading Post.
Early microcontrollers.

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