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Tasty Chips Electronics – ECR+

This video is a simple presentation of some of the sounds we came across while exploring the ECR+ by Tasty Chips Electronics. There is definitely much more to discover and we look forward to hearing your creations with the ECR+. We have one in our showroom, if you’re in town, stop by and check it out.

Tasty Chips have been known for their GR-1 Granular Sampler for years. With their first Eurorack product they have brought something new to the table. Probably the first Stereo Convolution Reverb for Eurorack – the ECR+.

The module is more than just a plain reverb effect. One of the most distinctive features is the ability to load two impulse responses at once, between which you can then crossfade with a knob or by CV. The position of the impulse response, the stereo width and a few other parameters can also be controlled by CV to create even more interesting effects. This, plus the fact that you can load your own impulse responses into the module and even record on it, makes the ECR+ a great tool for sound design and unheard sounds.

Learn more about the Tasty Chips Electronics – ECR+:

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