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Tech Talk: Florian Meindl (Electronic Beats TV)

Digital Beats Tech Talk series returns with a brand-new episode including austrian manufacturer, DJ as well as live performer, Florian Meindl. The FLASH Recordings founder walks us with the set up at his Berlin studio which features an extensive variety of synthesizers, drum makers, a modular system as well as grasping equipment.
Meindl is understood for his technological expertise and established several brands consisting of sound layout as well as e-learning system Riemann Kollektion, he’s been launching his idiosyncratic twist on Techno over the past 2 decades mostly through his very own FLASH imprint which has additionally welcomed the sort of Radio Slave, Jeroen Search, Lucy and also Sigha onto its lineup.
Join us to dive deep right into the inner functions of Florian’s workshop and the manufacturing approach of this extremely valued manufacturer and sound developer.

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