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Vasco Translator V4 | The new universal translator from Vasco Electronics is here!

Find out about Vasco Translator V4, the new universal translator from the creators of Vasco Translator M3 and Vasco Mini 2. Enabling you to speak 76 languages, this AI translator lets you feel like a local anywhere in the world — understand and be understood by anyone, anywhere. Stop worrying about the costs of the Internet abroad — Vasco Translator V4 comes with a SIM card, providing free lifetime Internet for translations in 200 countries. No Wi-Fi needed! What is more, being splash proof and shock-resistant, this universal translator will also withstand the most adverse fall downs and weather conditions. Don’t worry about dropping it on the road or exposing it to splashes of water — Vasco Translator V4 will endure. Operate the device freely and see everything clearly thanks to an ergonomic 5-inch screen. Enjoy instant translations and new features, such as text translator.

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