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Electronics Component Distributors: what are they, what do they do

Electronic components distributors are a key element in the supply chain for electronic equipment manufacturers. Discover what distributors are and what they do.

From obtaining the components very quickly for new electronic designs to providing the supply of electronic components in a scheduled fashion for large scale production, electronic components distributors fulfil the needs of virtually all companies in the electronics business these days.

These days, component manufacturers rarely deal with equipment manufacturers, preferring to route their sales via distributors who have the expertise to meet the needs of a large number of customers and electronic component suppliers.

By reducing the number of companies they deal with, electronic component manufacturers can better supply the needs of the industry as they are unlikely to be able to focus on all the needs of the large multitude of customers. Electronic component distributors who are set up for this can meet the needs of manufacturers, providing many capabilities that are needed to simplify and ease the manufacturing process.

By obtaining electronic components from a distributor, components from a variety of manufacturers an be obtained. Electronic component distributors are able to aggregate the needs of the different users. In this way they can place large orders with electronic component manufacturers, and having the scale of purchases, they can have more influence on the manufacturers.

Apart from scheduling components for large scale manufacturers and obtaining small quantities for electronic design laboratories, electronic component distributors provide many other functions. They enable designers to have new products – those distributors focussing on New Product Introduction, NPI will have up-to-date information and product from the manufacturers.

Franchised distributors will also give assurance that no counterfeit electronic components enter the supply chain – this very important for all equipment manufacturers, but especially for those supplying government organisations.

As such electronic component distributors provide an essential serve to the electronics industry, aggregating orders, scheduling deliveries and ensuring that electronic equipment designers and manufacturers can obtain the equipment when they want and in the quantities they want and minimising the effects of component shortages as much as is possible.

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