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Is it worth building your own DIY Electronics Test Equipment Projects?

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In this video I look at six Electronics Repair related projects, chosen pretty much at random. Let’s see how much these projects cost to build and if we can save money. The projects in this video are:
10KHz-225MHz RF Signal Generator
Accurate LC Meter
T12 Soldering Station
Weller Compatible Soldering Station
Variable Electronic Load
MilliOhm Meter

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:16 PCBWay Shared Projects
00:12:25 10KHz-225MHz RF Signal Generator
00:16:01 The Accurate LC Meter
00:18:26 T12 Soldering Station
00:20:55 Weller Compatible Soldering Station
00:23:33 Electronic Load
00:26:43 MilliOhm Meter
00:29:46 Conclusion

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