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Get to know Electronics Engineering (ECE)

Are you planning to take Electronics Engineering (ECE) in the Philippines? Well this video is for you!

This video lays out the experiences that I’ve had as an Electronics Engineering (ECE) Student at UP Diliman. We will have some overview about ECE, things to consider before taking the course, as well as the classic expectation vs reality with regards to BS ECE. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am not a career adviser and this video is intended for entertainment purposes only. The contents of this video were only based on my experiences. No representations that the statements made were free of error. This video doesn’t represent the opinions and experiences of the whole Juan Academy team. Juan Academy and the speaker of this video do not claim any partnership or connection to UP Diliman, UP EEEI and/or other institutions that may have mentioned by the speaker.

Juan Academy is an educational channel made for students, by the students. It is a project of two cousins from Bicol in the hopes of providing Filipino students extra resources for their classes. We provide lessons, solutions to sample problems, and assignments to ensure students achieve a certain level of mastery on the topics they wish to understand more.

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