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Help!!! My Electronics Project Doesn’t Work… AGAIN! 10KHz – 255MHz RF Signal Generator

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Building Electronics Projects is not only great fun, a good way to practice your soldering skills and a method to build cheap test equipment you could not otherwise afford… it is also a very good way to learn electronics repair when the original documentation was not clear or you want to substitute some component because you don’t have the original one. In this video I try to build an RF signal generator. There will definitely be a part two…

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:23 About The Project
00:05:39 Required Components
00:10:38 Problems Building The Project
00:38:09 It Doesn’t Work! And It’s MY FAULT!!
00:41:49 The Next Project – 300W Active Load
00:50:28 Epilogue

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PCBWay 10KHz – 255MHz RF Signal Generator Project

This project on

The Arduino Sketch for this version and the upgraded one with a larger display are on LER Discord server
Learn Electronics Repair is now on Discord! Come and join the fun, it’s free.

Arduino IDE Download

Video – FIX Cheap Arduino (Clone) Will Not Detect

Parts Required To Build This Project. These are affiliate links, LER makes a small commission form anything you order, but you pay the normal price.

Arduino Nano R3 (ATMEGA328 version required!)

Adafruit SSD1306 128X64 OLED DISPLAY


Rotary Encoder with Push-Button

78M05 / 78M08 (I didn’t work out yet which is the correct part so I’m ordering both)

78M05/78M06/78M08/78M09/78M12/78M15 Pack (5 of each – excellent value for money)

100uH Inductor


SMA Connector (Type 10)

DC Jack Socket

SPST Toggle Switch (two required)

Momentary Push Button Switch (NO)

All other parts are standard resistors and capacitors – you most likely have these already.

300W Electronic Load Project

Learn Electronics Repair is now on Discord! Come and join the fun, it’s free.

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