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I followed a YouTube Electronics Video and Regret it! (Debunking a 500k video)

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In this video we will actually be looking at another video on YouTube. There the creator claimed that you can build a BLDC Motor driver with only 9 components. The catch is that ESCs (which are normally used for driving BLDC motors) consist of way more components and are usually quite complicated. So let’s “test” the circuit and find out all the information the original creator kept quiet about. Let’s get started!

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0:00 The “Bad” Video I found
1:53 Intro
2:51 What Information was Missing?
3:37 Building the Circuit
4:11 4 Wire Motor Problem
5:17 First Test (Small Motor)
6:45 Second Test (Bigger Motor)
7:41 Why does the Circuit Suck?
9:21 Verdict

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