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The Worlds FIRST Clear Wireless Charger – Epoxy Encased Electronics?

Can you encase a wireless charger in clear epoxy? Let’s find out!
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I’ve been obsessed with electronics that have clear cases since I was a little kid. So it got me thinking, could you encase low-wattage electronics in clear epoxy? So I got my favorite epoxy and poured it over a wireless charger. Will it still work? Will it melt itself down? Will I regret my choices? I don’t know let’s find out!

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Dewalt 20v Trim Router –
Dewalt 20v Cordless Vacuum –
Dewalt 20v Drill –
Dewalt 20v Angle Grinder –
Kutzall Wood Carving Disc –
Osmo Polyx Hardwax Oil –
Scotch Brite Pads –
Mirka 6 Inch Sander –
Gator Wet Sand Paper –
Porter Cable Polisher –
Starbond CA Glue –
Grippper Push Block –

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00:00 Introduction
01:37 First Attempt
05:44 Sponsor Read
08:14 First Attempt Results
09:00 Second Attempt
10:52 Second Attempt Results
11:20 Milling Epoxy
12:53 Wood Working
15:51 Finishing
16:28 Sanding Epoxy
18:19 Assembly
19:25 Testing
20:57 Conclusion

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