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Build A Low Cost Micro Ohm Meter – MicroOhm Meter DIY Electronics Project

A while ago I designed and built the Amazing $1 Short Circuit Finder with a resolution of 20 MicroOhms. This is one of my most popular videos to date. In later videos I further enhanced the Short Circuit finder with the help of some friends, and then I also built a surprisingly accurate MilliOhm meter. In this video I bring the two project together, test to see which one is the best at short circuit tracing, then attempt to go 20x further and build a MicroOhm meter with a resolution of just one Micro Ohm! Did it work? You just gotta press PLAY to find out!

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Evolution of the $1 Short Finder and Milli Ohm Meter Projects in chronological order:
1. Build this Amazing $1 Short Finder (original video)

2. The Amazing $1 Short Finder (testing on low voltage circuits GPU/CPU to prove it will not cause any damage

3. The Amazing Short Finder Upgraded (Kelvin Prove Version)

4. The MilliOhm Meter Project Part 1

5. The MilliOhm Meter Project Part 2

6. The plus/minus 12V Linear PSU converted from a NiCad/NiMH Battery Charger (used to power the Milli Ohm Meter)

Short Finder Link
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USB Version:

Kelvin Version:

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