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Tech Talk: Yes’in (Electronic Beats TV)

Yassine Hafdane, better known to most as Yes’in, steps up for the newest addition to Electronic Beats Tech Talk series. The Casablanca, Morocco born producer and DJ has been on a never ending path of musical discovery since his early years, embracing a broad spectrum of musical styles from funk, disco, and afro-pop through to house, techno, and electronica. Nowadays his sound oscillates between African groove and European electronic sounds with a minimalistic aesthetic at its core.
Yes’in’s production career began in 2010 and has seen him releasing material for the likes of Casablanca’s Cosmo Records and a number of projects on his own Afterbeats and Notonlabel. Here we see Yassine guide us through his studio workflow and share with us some of his favourite production tools found in his studio.

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