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Turn your hobby into a business – JG Electronics

At JG Electronics we provide entrepreneurs with a large range of over 600 sublimatable blank products as well as superb high-quality equipment that gives you the opportunity to convert your craft hobby into a profitable business and be your own boss within personalised gifting, branding sectors, transfer printing and so much more.

By using The Silhouette® Cameo 4 vinyl cutter and a Craft Express Heat Press together, you can decorate products with these amazing accessories listed below.
Attach the mug and cap press to your Craft Express Press so you can expand your business into a variety of different opportunities.

Sub Craft Transfer Paper – A great advantage of these unique craft papers is that you don’t need a sublimation printer as the transfer paper is already printed for our customers. Heat press onto T-shirts, ceramic mugs, polyester products and so much more.
Craft Tip: You can layer videoflex over your sub craft transfer paper to create amazing styles and designs.

Wood Burning Paste – Cut out stencils to wood burn patterns, logos or messages into wooden products to get that laser engraved finish that looks amazing.

Videoflex Heat Transfer Vinyl – We supply over 90 videoflex heat transfer vinyl colours, patterns, and textures. Have fun personalising t-shirts for bridal showers, sports events, corporate branding and so much more.
Craft Tip: Create logos with multiple colours of heat transfer vinyl.

We also supply funky colours of sticker vinyl that can be used to decorate wall murals, metal, wood, cardstock, glass, tiles and more.

Etching Cream – Cut stencils to etch names into drinking glasses and mirrors giving you a lovely frosted look using etching cream, the Silhouette® Cameo cuts out your designs accurately and quickly.

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