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2022 Kalamazoo Expo MI Ham Antique radio Hamfest Vintage electronics Walk through tour with D-lab

Walk thru of the Kalamazoo Ham & antique Hamfest. Lots of great antique radios & ham gear. Unfortunately, not many buyers. So, a great event if you were looking to buy, but not so good for the sellers. I snagged a super nice Heathkit CW twins station. Had one about 40 years ago, while stationed at Vandenberg AFB, CA. Missed them, but could never locate another clean operational set. These worked perfect, plug & play. I plan to use them primarily on 40 meter band, 7.115Mhz. Look for n6tlu calling CQ. Lots of people willing to get in front of the camera this time. I handed out 12 Hammared Ham glasses. Wanted to do something different this time. Everyone was friendly. A great radio social event. If you have a chance to attend a Hamfest, I would highly recommend it. A good way to be introduced to the hobby. We need new blood! Hey everyone, Check out this video of the same event!–KU

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