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One To Watch: Suze Ijó (Electronic Beats TV)

Joining the Electronic Beats One To Watch series is Suze Ijó, a Rotterdam, Netherlands born and raised DJ with roots in the West Indies.
A self-described, dancer, record collector and DJ, Suze Ijó has carved out a unique and eclectic DJ style, House music is the core of Suze’s style but her sets often traverse through broken beat, jazz, hip hop, the music of Curaçao, funk, soul, and lots more.
Suze’s love affair with music began at an early age and her life path has taken her through several years working at the globally acclaimed Rotterdam record store, Clone, as well as being an active member of the First Floor community where music lovers came together for practice, talks and organising private events. This quest of extensive music discovery has resulted in the formation of Ijo’s current style and to date she’s regularly DJing across the globe and working for the United Identities label alongside fellow Dutch DJ and label-founder, Carista. Tune in for a deeper insight into Suze’s musical world in the video.

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