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ELECTRONICS still work in Rise of Nations and here’s how – Post – 06/10/22 Update Selling Guide

Behold, my masterpiece of a response to the most controversial 06/10/22 update that “killed” electronics.

Unfortunately for Hyperant, he left out one major oversight that if patched, would KILL OFF selling consumers as well… and I don’t think he’d want to anger the community more than he already has. Still, even if he patched my strategy in this video, I have more ways to build a decent economy, so stay tuned.

Nonetheless, enjoy the video and the brilliant outsmarting of the system!

(also the Rome gameplay is a bit scuffed but I was getting tired so cope)
^ credit to them for also figuring out the method (however I figured it out independently as well)

Music used (in chronological order):
Duel of the Fates
Monsters Inc Theme (bass boosted)
LoFi Chillhop No Copyright Free Night Background Music Calm Jazz Vibe | Bake A Pie by Lukrembo
Sakura Trees
bossa uh
Imperial Conflict – Rome Total War Original Soundtrack – Jeff van Dyck

00:00 Opening Sequence
00:55 Intro
01:37 Changes in the Update
03:02 The New Selling Method
09:10 Electronics VS Consumer Goods
11:10 Outro
11:39 Public Game – Selling Focused
13:35 Public Game – Forming Rome

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