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Shinedoe’s five favourite B-Sides (Electronic Beats TV)

Among Amsterdam’s finest DJ’s and also producers tips up for this brand-new episode of the Electronic Beats B-Sides series. Shinedoe has actually long been a revered figure in the Dutch Techno scene and also around the world for years now.
Her name is synonymous with a raw, transmittable as well as soulful Techno noise both with her productions, which have actually found their way onto imprints such as Rekids, Ibadan as well as Axis Records amongst others, while her DJ sets envelop the soulful origins of Techno’s beginnings and the raw dynamism of the contemporary European Techno scene. Over the years her labels Intacto, formerly run together with 2000 as well as One, and also much more just recently Music That Moves Records have actually been exceptionally curated to flawlessly display Shinedoe’s distinct vision of electronic music.
Here we’re blessed to have Shinedoe share with us five of her favorite B-Side’s from her extensive plastic collection.

Because of copyright factors we are however unable to share the sound for Pastaboy’s remix of Ame’s ‘Rej’ yet do examine it out somewhere else.

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