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L Birendrakumar’s Ho Babu | Eastern Electronics | Official Audio

Eastern Electronics presents L Birendrakumar’s Ho Babu.

Details about the songs:
First 5 tracks recorded at K.P. Studios
Last 5 tracks recorded live by Royal Studios at GM Hall and KISS at Nahabam ground, Brahmapur (I am unable to remember which ones were performed at GM Hall and which ones at Nahabam Ground since these were recorded a very long time ago.)

00:00 Ho babu
03:34 Eidi gariwalani
09:08 Leisabi ama Luna ama
13:34 Nongju kummei loikhare
17:48 Kari ishei saksige
22:50 Ho meitei pakhang
27:50 Eigee thongnaoda
32:47 Ho yaosang
36:24 Ho Iril turel
43:04 Kaonanusiko nungsibee

© & ℗ Eastern Electronics. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance, and broadcasting of this recording are prohibited.

L Birendrakumar’s Pic Source:
Government of India:,_2004.jpg

Click to access Gazette_Notification_OGDL.pdf

via Wikimedia Commons


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